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Perfect Seal
Perfect seal is our brand-new line of
state-of-the-art insulation products. This sealant tape expands gradually to fill out seams and gaps without any mess.

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Slide & Save Door Bottom
Insulates inside & outside of door window at the same time.

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RCR International's weatherproofing brands Comfort Plus Climaloc and Perfect Seal have been a market innovator and leader since 1946, setting the standard of quality and technology in the door and window business.

We are constantly reinventing and improving our line based on what our customers tell us they want and need. From our Cimaloc line to our Comfort Plus line and Perfect Seal line, the do-it-yourselfer or professional contractor can depend on RCR's insulation products to stop the draft.

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You will be surprised by the results...

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Our Product Lines:

Comfort Plus
The most recent Comfort Plus product group utilizes the latest state of the art technology, combining superior engineering and appealing designs while ensuring draft-free windows and doors.

Since 1946 when Climaloc weather-stripping pioneered the door and window insulation market, to the many innovations of today, this facet of RCR International continues to lead the industry. Climaloc offers the largest selection of easily installed premium quality weather-proofing products for the home.

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